The new album, The Reason Why Vol. 3, is on the 34th UNCUT playlist of 2017 by John Mulvey.

Goran on Bandcamp

Goran Kajfes is now on Bandcamp and you can download The Reason Why Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 in high-res formats like FLAC, WAV, AIFF and more. Also pretty soon there will be some more goodies there.



Fantastic reviews for TRWV3 in Sweden.


“One of the creative peaks in Swedish music of this decade.”

Dagens Industri 4/5

“Bursting boundaries between nations, musical genres and eras”

Gaffa 5/6

”World fusion you can´t do anything else than worship”

Sonic Magazine 8/10

“A declaration of love to music at large”

Dagens Nyheter 4/5



Release and concert in Stockholm 20th of August.

Don´t miss the first concert with Subtropic Arkestra playing the new material from The Reason Why Vol. 3 in Vitabergsparken on Sunday, 20th of Aug. Free entrance! And also a 40 years celebration for Fasching, the great jazz club in Stockholm.